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A little bit aboout Shrewsbury town

The population of Shrewsbury is around 100,000, Shrewsbury is the county town for Shropshire, England. UK.

Snuggled between glorious countrysides near to the Welsh Borders, it is one of the England’s finest medieval market towns. But Living in modern times.

Shrewsbury town centre has lots of great timber-framed black & white buildings, steep narrow streets, alleyways and coobled roads that are a must see.

Shrewsbury has more than 600 listed buildings including the Castle, now a regimental museum and the world-famous Shrewsbury Abbey.

The River Severn forms a loop around the town centre offering gentle riverside walks or you can enjoy a trip on the new pleasure boat Sabrina. Next to the river you can relax in the beautiful Quarry Park., location for the annual Shrewsbury Flower Show.

International Award Winning Town of Flowers

Shrewsbury is often referred to as the “Town of Flowers”. Shrewsbury ranks high In Britain in bloom. You’re sure to see most shops and homes with hanging baskets during the summer.
Shrewsbury has recently built a remarkable Theatre, located on the river Severn which called is Theatre Severn. A credit to our most loved town and is attracting viewers from all over the world.

Famous Indian restaurants in Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury offers a great choice of Indian restaurants located in the loop of the river. There are several Indian restaurants that are serving high quality Indian cuisine within Shrewsbury. Catering for the local regulars, passers by and for tourists alike. Shrewsbury hosts some of the best Indian restaurants in the county and it is some thing we are very proud of.

Featured and selected Indian Restaurants in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Café Saffron - 25 Hills Lane Shrewsbury, SY1 1QU. 01743246753. To view Cafe Saffron's website click on the picture link below.

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"Cafe Saffron" is a "ONE - OFF " with no other commitments in Shrewsbury or Shropshire than to produce the best, in their 110 seater warmly decorated, fully air conditioned, Award winning Indian Restaurant and takeaway in Shrewsbury".

Other Indian restaurants in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
  • The Sheraz indian restaurant, Wyle Cop  Shrewsbury
  • Shalimar indian restaurant, Abbey foregate Shrewsbury
  • Ramna Balti house indian restaurant, Wyle Cop Shrewsbury
These indian restaurants are the long standing reputable Indian restaurants in the town. Shrewsbury has many visitors and the Indian restaurateurs go out there way to make the guests as well as locals in Shrewsbury very “welcome”.

There are also there are few Indian takeaways in Shrewsbury.

  • Severn Spices indian takeaway.
  • Tandoori Cottage indian takeaway.


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Ten Things you didn’t know about the history of curry.

So how much do you know about indian curry? Here are ten facts you can use to impress fellow diners the next time you hit the poppadoms.

1. The first indian curry recipe in Britain appeared in The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse in 1747. Although simple in its choice of ingredients (using just peppers and coriander seeds) it nevertheless got the nation’s appetite for the spicy stuff up and running.

2. In 1810, the British Bengali entrepreneur Sake Dean Mahomed opened the first Indian curry house in England, it was called the Hindustani Coffee House and was located in London’s Portman Square.

3. Many of the early Indian restaurants in the UK were aimed at ex-pats from the Asian sub-continent. The first Indian restaurant to attract native Londoners was Veeraswamy’s Indian Restaurant in London’s Regent Street which was opened by Edward Palmer in 1927.

4. Over the 1950s the number of indian curry fans increased dramatically thanks to its use in Coronation Chicken, the dish created to celebrate QE2’s coronation.

5. Until the early 1970s more than three quarters of Indian restaurants in Britain were identified as being owned and run by people of Bengali origin. Currently the dominance of Bangladeshi restaurants is declining in some parts of London and the further north you travel your food is more likely to be made by indians. There are also other smaller ethnic centres such as London’s Stoke Newington, which boasts several Keralan restaurants and the Nepalese and south Indian restaurants around Euston.

6. Chicken Tikka Masala has, up until recently, been said to be the nation’s favourite indian curry dish. Apparently it was invented in Glasgow by a indian chef, when a customer demanded a sauce with a “too dry” tikka (legend has it that the cook then heated up a tin of Campbell’s condensed tomato soup and added some spices – the Korma has now taken the spot.

7. There are more Indian restaurants in Greater London than in Mumbai and New Delhi combined. There are also more English restaurants in Mumbai than there are in London (actually that bits not true)

8. UK curry lovers munch nearly four million poppadoms a week. That’s an awful lot of chutney. Apparently the main accompaniment to poppadoms is Mint Chutney (pudina ki chutney) which is completely different from Raita, which is heavier on Cucumbers than mint. Also popular is Lime Pickle, which in my opinion, the eating of which is the culinary equivalent of bungee jumping.

9. Given the huge demand it is no great surprise that there are about 9,500 Indian curry houses in the UK, employing an estimated 70,000 staff. The Indian restaurant industry contributes 3.2 billion pounds to the British economy each year.

10. British-style indian curry houses are also popular in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There is also bizarrely a cluster of Indian restaurants in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Spain which serve the English ex pat community.

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